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NEWS 2024



A few pages have been updated here, as several Iztaris dogs have been out and about.

Taiga from the C litter has passed her MH test, thus completing the litter testing - great work, and thank you Trine Lise for testing her! 

Two more dogs from the C litter has undertaken their first 24Hr EKG holter test, and both dogs are currently DCM clear. 

Another one is waiting to borrow the holter, and once more I can not thank all of you guys enough for testing your dogs!

This is the only way forward and I am very happy that there is a waitingline for getting tested.



Another month has flown by, with zero updates on this site - I will do better now that my internet is up and running stable again. ;-) 

We have attended a few shows, and the results have been most exellent! My old girl Vilje continues to shine in veteran class - claiming her first two titles for this year and still placing in for best female, beating dogs 1/3 of her age. Her son Marco also has a new title, and granddaughter Sansa the same. 

Over in Finland, Odin continues to get results as well, claiming another adult CAC & BEST OF BREED - also this weekend he passed his MH test. I am so proud of you two, Anniina! 

And as for the results on my own dogs? Here:

* Iztaris Armaros: Nordic CAC BEST OF BREED & Kongeå Vinner 2024

* Iztaris Cirth Ithil: Nordic CAC BEST OPOSITE SEX & Kongeå Vinner 2024

* Newfords Keep Talking: Nordic Vet.CAC 4`th best female & Vikinge Veteran Vinner 2024

* Newfords Keep Talking: Nordic Vet.CAC Res.Nordic CAC 2`nd Best female & Kongeå Veteran Vinner 2024



Since last, another pair of news has hit home and I can only smile. Odin (Iztaris Capax Dei) has yet another title under his belt! Together with his owner Anniina he has undertaken 3 new competitions, and the RL 2 title is theirs. Congratulations again, Anniina - you two make such a great team! 

Another Iztaris dog has also news - Aurora Borealis has her 4`th 24Hr EKG Holter done and she is still currently DCM clear.

Thanks to her owner Wiktoria, for taking the time and effort to undertake this very important test! 

The report will be added to Zula`s own page as soon as I am back on my own computer.



Since last, even more Iztaris dogs have had health testing done, and I am very happy to say that so far this year, everything is OK. Thank you so much to my dedicated owners, for testing your dogs - I can not say this ofthen enough! Without you - nothing would be possible.

And so for the results:

Iztaris Capax Dei: HD B/B  AD 0/0  LTV 1

Iztaris Balrog: PHPV/PHTVL Clear Kataract Clear CEA Clear PPM Clear PLL Clear

Iztaris Cirth Niniac: PHPV/PHTVL Clear Kataract Clear CEA Clear PPM Clear PLL Clear



The updates do not always reach the news page first, but since last I have received Sansa`s official papers from FCI for her C.I.B-J title! Yay!

Also her uncle, Iztaris Armaros once more had his annual EKG Holter on - a month and a half late, because the machine has been up and down the country - many want to test their dogs, and I am very happy about that.

This time my timing was off though, so we only managed 17 hours before I had to jump in the car to reach the ferry abroad! He will be tested for the full 24 hours as soon as the holter has been used on 2 more dogs that are waiting.

There was nothing wrong with the holter, 0 VPC`s and very nice max/min HR, RR variability and no comments.

It just irks me that I did not get the full 24 hours...! haha!



Another dog has some good news to share today - Iztaris Balrog has had his annual 24Hr EKG Holter test, and he is still DCM clear at this point in time. Thanks to his owner Camilla, for testing him!

To visit his own page, click HERE


As the new year begins, so do our annual heart testing.

My youngest female had her first holter on a month ago, and this week it was her mothers turn. This is the 5`th time testing her, and as she is now passed 6 years of age, this is the typical time for any problems to appear in our breed.

But I am happy to report that CH Iztaris Anvindr is currently still DCM clear !

For the report, please visit her own page HERE.

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