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NEWS  2014


Well...where do one start! What a year it has been - both ups and downs. Diezel and Gina has continued to win in veteran classes - the highlights being Diezel`s placing at Crufts and both their Nordic and Norwegian veteran winner titles! My young girl Vilje, has done very well in her puppy career, taking her first title at her very first show! NDKV puppy 2014. She has nomerous best of breeds, group placings and BIS placings. They all have their health, and so we enter 2015 with a smile and remember those that are no longer with us. Bring on the new year !



This years last trip across the mountains - and what a finish! In beautiful weather we crossed during the night, so we were at the showground friday morning. This year Norway had both the Norwegian and the Nordic winner titles, so both my veterans were entered. Also Vilje was in puppy class 6 - 9 months. The trip could not have been more sucsessful. Diezel & Gina took both veteran titles on offer both days and Vilje was BEST OF BREED puppy one day, and reserve BOB the next!

We also got to stay at Kaiser`s house, and it was lovely to see him and his family as always.

BSBK 27.09.14

Beeing a little slow to update here, as the days seem to go by so fast.  Our last show venture, was delightfully short from home. Only a 30 min drive.

Diezel`s son - Newfords Kaiser Chief, came a few days prior to the show so I could get some lovely quality time with him, having him stay here with me!

This time Vilje beat her brother, and ended up BOB puppy, with Kaiser BOS. In veteran class, Diezel was the only one and thus BOB veteran. The waiting for the group finals was worth it though, as Vilje placed as BIG 4 and daddy Diezel BIS 4 !!!

We had a lovely day, meeting up with some old friends and talking dog all day ! The next show for us will also be relatively close to home, with only 1 1/2 hours drive.

Double show weekend 13/14.09.14

Taking a little mini vacation, we travelled to Stavanger for our first time out in veteran classes, here i Norway. The dog needs to be 8 years, not 7 like in the UK.

First time out was at the NKK at Orre, and a great start indeed !  My two siblings showed that one can still be in the run as a veteran. Valentino was 2 best male awarded with the RES.CACIB – made me laugh, as he is not competing for it as veteran, but the judge still wanted to give him the compliment. He then went on to be BOB veteran, beating his sister, Nina Ricci who was placed as 3`rd best female of the day and given a most exellent critique. Had she not emptied the weekends food rations, she would not had looked like a barrel and thus would have been placed further up.

We spent the night at one of Stavangers lovely hidden pearls – there are so many beautiful beaches and resting places to find, and my memory lead me to one we found way back in 2008. Dogs could run free on the beach, and the best thing in the world is happy dogs sleeping while I enjoy a good book with proper vacation food (I.E no calorie counting…! lol )

The next day we were off to NSBK`s show, only 15 min drive away. In 2008 this was Valentino`s crowning show – first and only time in open class, taking his last CAC, making him Norwegian CH and BIS 2. This year they had moved location, so it was inside a gym hall. I don`t like these halls very much, as the floors are slippery and with a strong male like Valentino, it can be a fight to stay inside the ring when running – he wants his space..;-)

Also this was our young female`s first time ever inside such a busy hall. She took everything with ease and trotted herself to BOB puppy. Again with high praise from the judge – it makes me very proud that both breed specialists and allrounders are so taken by her.  In the ring with Valentino, he then proceeded to beat the CH female for BOB! Making him both adult BOB, and veteran BOB !

In the finals later in the day, my little girl was BIS 4 !!  Walking on clouds into the veteran BIS, and there Valentino was placed BIS 3 !!



The adventures of  having a young puppy in the house again, sure does make the time fly ! Vilje has settled in beautifully, and today we had our first venture into the show ring !

We have had some fun days visiting Vilje`s litterbrother, Newfords Kaiser Chief and today they both had their debut on the Norwegian Dobermann Club Winner show. It`s been 5 years since I attended it last with daddy Diezel. He has won a title everytime partisapating here - although we missed out on the puppy title, as he was not even born yet that year..;)


And what a flying start for his babies !!

Newfords Kaiser Chief  VP1 and BIS puppy - earning his first title of NDK winner Puppy 2014

Newfords Keep Talking VP1 and BOS puppy - also earning her first title NDK winner Puppy 2014


The ribbons and trophies they won was bigger then !

I am very proud of the two, as they made a litte piece of dobermann history today, becoming the first ever UK bred litter brother and sister gaining the NDK winner titles. The judge also commented on their equal type - not bad for an outcross breeding !



Finally decided on what female from the Newford litter that will come live with us! The choice was not easy, but the brown girl with the red collar is our new girl, and her name will be Vilje.

The picture is of her at 7 weeks.




Today 10 puppies were born in the Newford kennel ! Sadly one brown girl was dead, but 5 girls and 4 boys are doing well !

Congratulations to breeder Georgie Kuhl !



Diezel (Tamlands Valentino Garavani) made a litte bit of Dobermann history today, as we attended one of the highlights of the year: Crufts !

This highly prestigious show is not for eveyone, as one either have to qualify for it - or like Diezel, be an INT.CH.

As the UK rules are a bit different from ours, we took a dive into our first ever veteran class and what a dive !

In a class of 7 heavy winners, Diezel was the only undocked male and placed a respectfully 3`rd !

He is the first ever Norwegian owned dobermann to place in veteran class at Crufts, and we are so proud of him !


The female from the Newfords kennel was also scanned with 10 babies onboard. Very exiting times ahead !



Our male Valentino is going to be a father in the UK based kennel "Newford". We are looking forward to a bunch of beautiful babies,

and maybe there is one girl in there that will come to stay with us !


A new year and a new webpage! 2013 was a year of turmoil. Having to put my girl Ronja to sleep far too young, it has been some very tough monhts. On a brighter note, I havde accepted a mating request for Diezel and the female will be in heat medio february. More info soon!

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