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NEWS 2017


And so ends yet another year.
They seem to pass faster and faster somehow. A long awaited litter has finally been born here, and the hopes and dreams for them are many. First and foremost I wish for them long and happy lives with their families. I truly have been blessed with good puppybuyers.

One boy however, is still in need of his forever home. Iztaris Ace Of Spades has been returned due to no fault of his own - he is a sweet, loving and outgoing young male with a lot of promise.

So if you are reading this, and maybe looking for an active and affectionate pup, maybe he is for you?

I am fussy about where I send him though - he is one of my babies and I wish for him only the very best!

The loss of my oldies Diezel & Gina is still very hard - I can not talk about them without crying just yet, and seeing them in my own puppies is both strange and great in the same time.

Marco I have called my male - his grandfather was supposed to have this name, but it never felt right.
This time however, it does. He is such a balanced soul, and I am looking forward to all the adventures planned.

His sister Nikki has the same serious side as her great aunt - the similarity is striking, and I love it.

Finally I also see the end of my education - though this last year is by far the worst, and more then once I have contemplated just quitting and never returning to school.

But - while the future is not for me to know, there are certain things I do control, and thus I just need to hang in there for another 7 months!

Over the pond in UK, Jay Horgan - one of my dearest dobermann friends have released a book about our breed, and I am so very proud of her, and that I have a signed copy of the book. :-)
If you are intrested in the breed it is a book that is definately worth a read!

So as we remember the year passed, we look forward in to the new new year with hope.

May 2018 be everything we hope and wish for!

Veronica & The Gang

In the picture:
Iztaris Ace Of Spades 12 weeks old


I am happy to announce that little miss green also have found her new forever home. She has been a favourite of mine from the start, and it has not been easy to find someone to trust her with.

But soon she will move to Kristiansand, and start her new life where she will be worked and foremost very much loved.

I am grateful for all the nice people I now have as owners for my puppies, and I wish for them all the very best.

As I have told them all, I will be following and I will do my best to aid them along the way.

The MH test is already booked for october next year, and hopefully I get to meet them many times before this at different ventures! :-)


The days and weeks are flying by so fast, and the puppies are now nearly 8 weeks old. The first one has left the nest two days ago - turqoise male is now in his forever home and loving it!  I am so happy to get little updates and pictures. His family named him Diesel - I hope he will grow up to give his family as much joy and fun, as his grandfather gave me.

The decicion to keep only one female got shattered though...

Blue collar male is simply too good to let go, so he is staying along with his sister.
I am blessed to have a great co-owner for him, and I am much looking forward to all the adventures planned !

The only one now without a new home is green girl. She is a happy, outgoing and actionfilled little girl, who will make for a great sportsdog in the right home. From her mother she has the "willing to please" towards her handler, she is very observant and loves the fight. From her father I see the level of drive - she will go from 0-100 VERY fast...!! Haha !


The little ones are growing like weed, and we are having great fun - now at 5 weeks they are really starting to explore the world and they eat like horses..! Haha - mum Vilje is now feeding them less, I can completely understand why, with them having razor sharp teeth now!
So far many of them have found their dream homes - I am truly blessed, and I am looking much forward to follow them all in the years to come.
Two puppies are still looking for their forever home though - one female and one male.
Hopefully I can find just as great new owners for them - I am very picky about where my babies are going! This is green female and red male, who is currently avaliable - pictured here at 5 weeks old.


The big day is finally here - we got to see what was hiding inside Vilje`s stomach!
There has been little doubt that she is pregnant, the signs have been very clear but I still wanted a headcount, so to speak. She has had a few days of morning sickness, I did the gumtest for the first time and it clearly showed at day 21 from first tie, the paleness that I was told about. Also a little babybump has appeared. :-)

But seeing the little guys in there made it all real ! My vet zoomed in on every one, and we got to see the heartbeats on all the babies we found - all of them were nice size and so far properly developed so there should be no reason to re-absorb any. But ofcource anything can happen still, and until they are all here in my arms making content squeeky noises I will continue to plan for both the worst outcome and the very best outcome.

Anyway - today is a day of joy, and here is a picture of some of the babies onboard.

28.09.17  PUPPIES BORN

As many of my friends will know, I had emergency plan A, B, C and D ready at hand for this birth. Everyone was alerted when Vilje started her temperature drop late in the night and I was ready. What I was NOT ready for, was for Vilje to drag the temperature drop out until I near lost my sanity!
The normal time schedule is for birth to start about 4-12 hours after - Vilje made me wait 26..
By that time I had made my peace with not needing my helper, so she was dismissed and surely slept well when I measured the temperature - NORMAL..! Georgie (the breeder of Vilje) was on the other end of the phone trying to reassure me that this was not going to be like last and that this we could do, me and Vilje. At 03.02 in the morning, I think I recieved our first girl whilst on the phone with an old friend.

I will be forever thankful that you dropped everything and came right here!
Vilje had decided to not make us wait any longer, and the puppies came litterally like pearls on a string!
I have not attended a birth so smooth and easy for the female like this one : 04.25, 04.36, 04.56, 05.26, 06.00, 06.20 and 08.04 was the times - 3 girls, 3 boys. Then girl nr 4 and boy nr 4.


So here they finally are! Welcome to the world little babies. I will do whatever it takes to ensure you have the best life possible, and that your owners get to enjoy the truly amazing life when living with a proper dobermann. If I can let you go at 8 weeks that is.....haha!



Today we had the final mating before going back home. I am so happy with my choice of male ! He has turned out to be everything I wanted, and so very similar to Diezel in mind it was cunning. I am very grateful for the opportunity to use this male - when I say he reminds me of my Diz, it is because of his stable temperament in every setting and the wonderful ON/OFF button that I love so much!
This male is a great workingdog when called for, and the biggest sweetheart inside the house, loved and cuddled by his owners and co-habitants alike (5 cats and 3 pet rats).

So fingers crossed we are getting some babies in september !!

Here is a quick photo of the two - such a great couple !


Today I got the confirmation from the kennel club.

My brown girl is a new Norwegian CH !

She could have had the title a long time ago, but the Dobermann Club had some change of rules that they now sadly changed again.

Anyway - we are still trotting onwards to new adventures and hope to get our first SL1 title and her INT.CH C.I.E title some time this year, amongst all the other plans we have.



3 years ago, I got the message: 10 puppies born in UK, sadly one brown girl was gone. But 5 females and 4 males came home from the vet, and so the story began of how I got my latest brown girl.

From being a puppy just yesterday, she has grown up to be a brown copy of her father. I can see him in the way she sleeps belly up in the sofa snoring, in the look on her face when she wants kisses and in the way she carries around her favourite toy when she greets me as I come home from school or work.

The adventures so far has been many, and I am looking forward to many more years with my brown soulmate! So cheers to the K litter - may you all have a great day with lots of treats and cuddles !



Then the results are in for N. Kinky Boots hip score, and the results were very good - in FCI terms HD A !

In UK terms, the numbers were 3/6.

Congratulations to her breeder and owners !


From the UK, the news came about a daughter from Diezel. Newfords Kinky Boots.

She has had her first health testing done, and the owners are still waiting for the hipscore. But so far the results are this:


  • KATARACT free

  • CEA free


  • PRA free

                  07.01.17   TAMLANDS NINA RICCI


A new year and new pages to fill. The year has started very hard, with the loss of my old female Gina. My heart is shattered in a thousand pieces, and everywhere I turn, I see her. She has been my rock - the one soul always steady and calm when the storm was at it`s worst. It was her who gave me my first litter, and she exelled in motherhood like she did in everything else. Coming to me at 15 months, beaten, starved and scared of even the smallest of things, I gave her a timelimit of three months to either get better or be put to sleep.

Not knowing how badly she was before collecting her in Sweden, I had already enterred her for our first show together when I knew I was collecting her - it seemed impossible, but 7 weeks after she came to me she took her first Norwegian CAC for a breed specialist who commented on her wonderful temperament, albeit a bit thin. And so our story began.

10 years down the road, I can look back on an amazing journey - we have been almost all over Europe and she has represented our wonderful breed to the very best in every aspect. She gained her INT.CH title in Germany, for an IDC judge and she has been the best tracking dog I have ever had - if not for my terrible competition nerves she would have claimed her FH2 title with ease.

Our last adventure was her job as a visitor dog for Red Cross - and once more she shoved me a depth I had yet to see. The empathy she showed towards the eldery - she knew instantly who needed a kiss, who needed someone to hold on to and who she didn`t need to aproach. I cried even more recieveing the letter from the elderly home that miss her dearly.

I will never have another Gina. But she has shown me what to strive for - how a true Dobermann can be, coming back from abuse and have the strenght to not only trust, but the confidence to live life fully.

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