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Health records

Here you will find information about the dogs I have bred, listed as pr to my knowledge.

Also visit the dog`s own pages for more information. Health tests are not a guarantee of a healthy animal but should be used sensibly.

When we know what we have, we can avoid combinations carrying the same conditions.
Any breeder who tells you their dogs are free of disease are either lying or have not bred sufficiently to encounter the problem.

There are 5 main health complaints which are known to affect the Dobermann Breed. There is nothing to say that any of these will affect a dog in its life time but information is power, and so we test our dogs for the following:

  • VWD (Von Willebrands disease) 


  • Hip Displasia

  • Thyroid

  • DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) -EKG Holter & DNA PDK4 & TTN

  • DINGS (Deafness with vestibular dysfunction)

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