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Although the kennel name ” Iztaris” has just been registered with the FCI in 2013, and the first litter under the affix were not born before 2017, my own history is a bit longer. 

As a child, my mother would frequently walk out of my room shaking her head, keeping well away from all my pets. I took home frogs, snails and birds as rescues, nursing them until they could go back into the wild.

She put her foot down when the frogs took over at a point. I bred Shell Parakeete`s , and I guess my mother was thrilled that I had moved out of her house by the time I took home my first 4 pet rats.

Working with horses for many years, I had a malinois female that went to live with her dad as we split up. Remembering always the proud family guardians my friends had on their farm, my heart longed for a Dobermann.

Deciding the time was right – my adventure began !

20 years later, here I am with my current dogs. The road has been amazing and I am forever grateful to the people who has, and still continue to share their knowledge and time, educating me and my dogs – be it on the mental courses, the working field or around the show ring.

If you are considering a dobermann but you are unsure if you are right for the breed, perhaps visit a local dog show to meet the breed in an environment other than home. If it is your first time to the breed, I'm always happy to put you in touch with owners in your area to join them for a walk and meet the breed. 

You are welcome to contact us, to visit or ask questions about the breed.

However, if you just want a dog for show off- get a life. If you want only a couch potatoe - get a teddybear. If you want a kennel dog - get an alarm system - do not call here.

To me, breeding is something not to be taken lightly. As with everything, one must stribe for completion – balance is key - both in mind and body.

The breed has some health issues, you will find more information on the HEALTH page - every Iztaris dog is listed, along with the information for

each dog.

An exellent dobermann is only so if he is well balanced, both in mind and body – there is no point in having the most beautiful dog in the world if he can not work, and a Dobermann is made for work. Whatever you want to do - obedience, agility, tracking, IPO, search and rescue dog -the possibilities are endless, but give them a task! Our breed standard calls for a mentally stable dog and in todays society this is of utmost importance.

For more information about the Iztaris dogs, please visist the RESULTS page. Dogs from the kennel are active in several areas.

"Medium temperament and medium sharpness is desired.

A medium threshold of irritation is required with a good
contact to the owner. Easy to train, The Dobermann enjoys working,
and shall have good working ability, courage and hardness. The
particular values of self confidence and intrepidness are required, and
also adaptability and attention to fit the social environment

Myself, I live in a small house and people ofthen ask me how I can have several big dogs in such a small place - My reply is always this;

"Give them proper exercise, training and mental stimulation outside, and they will curl up and relax inside." My dogs do not live in crates, they are a part of my family and thus you will always find atleast one on the end of my couch.

A dobermann want nothing more then to be curled up alongside its owner and they have no grasp of their size. So be prepared to never again have personal space (no, not even at the toilet)!


So now, starting this new chapter, I say it best in the words of  J.R.R Tolkien :

“Still round the corner there may wait. A new road or a secret gate.”

Veronica N. Cloin

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