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NEWS 2019


And so another year has passed. On this last day of 2019, I can look back on a fruitful year. For myself, a job I love and finally some stability. For the dogs it has been mostly just growing up, a few rounds in the show ring and some important health tests. I am pleased with the results, and I am looking forward to see the rest of the A gang getting their Embark tests done. Some are going in for hips and eyes to be done in the beginning of the new year, and the first round of EKG holter tests will be done. Vilje gave me the best christmas present with her EKG, and puppies are planned on her next heat.

Once more we have placed on the NDK winner list, exact placings will be announced in the beginning of next year - not bad considering only 2 or 3 counting shows...! Haha!

I think I will travel a bit more in the new year. Maybe.

Hopefully you will all get in to the new millennium safe and sound, thanks to all my puppy owners for caring the best you can for your dogs. I am looking forward to meet you and follow your jouneys still.



Embark round 3

Iztaris Aurora Borealis was number 3 to get her Embark DNA test done, and the results are in today!

Unlike her siblings, she is VWD clear and has one copy of the PDK4 gene. Otherwise she is all clear of everything Embark tests for, and that is a lot!

Congrats to owner Nora, I am so grateful to you for testing Zula "head to toe" !



EKG Holter


One of the most important things we do in the Dobermann world, is to heart screen our dogs.

DCM is one of the biggest killers and all breeding animals should be tested, preferably once a year.

This year, Vilje`s result came back on christmas eve, and it was the best gift I could have wished for.

Once more she has a nice, healthy result and the documents are public as for all my dogs.


If interested, go have a look on her own page here:



Another batch of results from Embark today, this time for my young female, Iztaris Anvindr.

Like her brother, she tested clear for all inherited illness, and she is VWD carrier. Not something that will affect her in our everyday life at all - the VWD status should however be taken into consideration when breeding, so if ever mated she will only be paired with a VWD clear male.




Today I recieved another batch of health results, this time is was the Embark DNA test for my male.

I knew the Embark test was comprehensive, but I was still blown away by all this information!

So happy to have done this, and in a small way contributed to the great work they do at the Dobermann Divesity Project.





The latest update is once more from the A litter`s yellow female - Iztaris Aurora Borealis.

And again the news could not be better!

Her AD picture came in and the results were AD 0
She then galvanted to Denmark for a double international show where it is clear that she is starting to grow up into the very nice female we hoped for when she was only 6 weeks old.

Open class winner both days with lovely critiques!

Then we had plans for a lovely double show here - 4 dogs entered from the kennel, and also the kennel`s first breeding class.
Sadly I had to stay at home but Nora & Zula went all in - her first adult CAC and BEST OF BREED.


First HD result for the A gang

As the A litter gang is growing up, the time has come for health testing. First one out, was Iztaris Aurora Borealis and the result was HD B and thus HD FREE!

Congratulations Nora, I am very happy for you and Zula. Although it is not an official demand, she was also X-rayed neck, back and teeth. Everything is looking good, and now we are waiting for the AD results.

3 more of the A litter gang will soon also be HD tested. Fingers crossed everything is OK with them as well. :-)



NKK LIllehammer

Today we had our very first outing at an NKK show. In pooring rain, both my youngsters were graded exellent.

Nikki also collected her first REC.CACIB and REC.CAC, trotting herself to a respectable 2 best female!

Thank you Jan Roald, for the pictures of my boy in the ring.



Double national show

Another weekend, another show adventure! This time to a place we have never been before, a small island outside Haugesund. Another place I want to live - we found a lovely beach to walk on, and everywhere was huge open fields  and beautiful houses.

As for the show, I had enterred only Vilje & Marco as Nikki has her two national CAC`s and needs only her international one. Marco finally brought his A game, and showed beautifully - he is very strong, but the days we have had with temperatures up to 34 degrees celcius, have made him a tiny bit more manageable...haha!

So jackpot for him, with 2 x BEST OF BREED & 2 x CAC !

His mother also collected her CAC and has now reclaimed her CH title after the new rules.

Very happy breeder and owner!

Vilje CAC CH


Norwegian Dobermann Winner show

This weekend it was once more our annual winner show,  and this year I only enterred 2 dogs - I know all too well how hot it is and how much running it could be - and boy was I right...! haha

25 dogs enterred, the highest number of dogs so far this year. Marco was first out in intermediate class, and stood as number 1 with the same title as his grandfather - NDK youth Winner!

In best male competiton I gave him to Nora, in the hope of him behaving better, but he showed the judge his absolute top notch rodeo performance and thus was not placed in best male. Nora did not stand a chance...! LOL!

Nikki was beaten to the finishline for her class win, but got an exellent critique and showed her socks of - witch is not an easy task when I am on the other end of the line, huffing and puffing..!

4`th best female in total and I am super proud of her.

We also recieved our rosettes for placing on last years winners list, and it took me about 15 minutes before having a photosession after returning home..haha ;-)



Iztaris Argonath

Just some pictures again today, this is turqouise male from my A litter. He is growing up to be a very handsome boy!

I think I need to drag his owners to another show soon..haha!




Some lovely news to write here again, as we have been away for the weekend. I am one of the members of the show comitee in our club, so I was set up to work and decided to enter Marco whilst we were there anyway.
Nikki already has 2 CAC`s so she only needs one from an INT show after she is 2 years of age, for her CH title so I did not bother to enter her this time.

And as for the results, I can only smile!

Marco is a strong male, and I am certainly not a good handler for him but we managed to haul in his first reserve cac!

Thanks to the honourable judges Tom Johnston and Donne Lucas for the very nice critiques on my man.

27.04: EX CK RES.CAC 4`th best male

28.04: EX CK Intermediate class winner




As the A litter gang has grown up, now starts the time for official testing.

First out is for me a very important one, the MH test. This is a mentaltest preferably for youngsters, and for me as a breeder it is a valuable tool to use in my breeding. 4 dogs from the A litter was supposed to attend this one, sadly 2 did not make it. Those two were mine, as I had decided to cross the mountains during the night and be on the testfield in the morning - I like to travel during the night as the trafic is less, and the dogs sleep anyway and so they can be rested when we arrive.
The plan had a 2.5 hour contingency, as I know all to well the conditions across the mountains this time of year. I thought myself prepared for anything!
A burning semiltrailer blocking a mainroad tunnel however, was not in my plan. And so we were stuck. Luckily the other 2 managed to cross on different routes, travelling the day before!

Iztaris Argonath & Aurora Borealis now have passed their MH test.

I am so grateful for their owners for making such a roadtrip! Without dedicated owners and dogs tested like this, a breeder just stumbles in the dark.
There is still 5 dogs in the A litter gang that needs testing, and I have 4 of them booked hopefully without any problems like the one we faced this time!

Thank you again, Nora, Raymond & Hanne.




Just a picture update today as I had to share this beautiful picture of Zula, that I recieved today. I think she is absolutely gorgeous!
She is now 15 months old - I can`t believe how fast the time flies.
The plans for 2019 are many for her & her siblings, and I am following the A litter gang with pride.




I hope everyone had a safe entry in to the new year. Here, the celebration was quiet, and the dogs slept through the fireworks as pr usual. We had some very nice holiday days, enjoying the snow and nice weather.

Today I recieved some nice news to mark the start of a new year - 3 of the A litter puppies have been placed on the Norwegian Dobermann Cloub`s annual winners list!

Also A litter mum Vilje, placed after only one qualifying show!  A respectable 8`th place for her on the adult female list as she was NDK Vice Winner 18, beating some very nice females that day.

And as for the NDK puppy Winner list? Well - after only 6 shows the gang placed in like this:

                                      Iztaris Anvindr - Runner up TOP PUPPY 2018

                                      Iztaris Armaros - Third BEST PUPPY 2018

                                      Iztaris Aurora Borealis - Fourth BEST PUPPY 2018

I am very happy and proud of my A litter gang, and their mother, and I am looking much forward to the rest of our adventures!

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