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Two of the A litter gang has had their first EKG holter on, and the results are in.

Both of my youngsters are currently DCM clear ! I am happy to have a baseline for further testing down the road, and ofcourse Ì`m very happy that my dogs are healthy at this point in time!

Another happy little thing, is that Vilje has been mated - hopefully now we are expecting a bunch of babies!

I will update more soon. For now, I hope you are all healthy and well.


A little update

As the days, weeks and months fly by, the world has in many ways been turned upside down .

All plans of shows and travelling are cancelled, the Norwegian Kennel Club has so far decided until the end of may.

When I wondered back in january what this year had in store for us, not even in my wildest imagination did I think of a global crisis like the COVID-19 virus!

This also has affected the plans I had for my next litter - how much, I still do not know but as per today, travelling to the male I had decided on is out of the question. However, as mentioned before I have had a fair few males on my mind and I am lucky that a great older male is within the borders.

Please everyone take care of each other, and I hope to meet up with so many of you when we finally can travel and show again.


NDK Winner`s list 2019

The results came out a few days ago for last year`s show winner list 2019. With only Nikki having placed at counting shows - a whopping 2...! haha! We still placed well.

 Iztaris Anvindr                 Newfords Keep Talking                        Kennel Iztaris


4`th best show female            5`th best breeding female                         4`th best kennel

8`th best show dog total

Let`s see what 2020 has in store for us. 3 counting shows enterred - already one more then last year..!

With Nikki`s placings it made her mum also place on the breeding female list, and as adults their results counts towards the kennel total as well.

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