Iztaris "B" litter

"Tracking shows the dedication of the handler,obedience the skill of the handler, and protection the genetics of the dog"




  • KBHV 2016

  • KBHJV 2015

  • NDK puppy Winner 2014

  • NDK Vice Winner 2018

  • 7 CACIB

  • 10 CAC

  • 3 RES. CACIB

  • 2 RES. CAC


  • International CH C.I.E

  • Candidate for Dutch CH

  • Candidate for INT.CH C.I.B

  • BH

  • MH tested ( Secure to gunshot, 1

  • VWD - carrier

  • PHTVL/PHPV - free

  • CATARACT - free

  • RD - free

  • CEA - free

  • PPM - free

  • 24Hr EKG HOLTER DCM Clear 2016

  • 24Hr EKG HOLTER DCM Clear 2017

  • 24Hr EKG HOLTER DCM Clear 2019

  • Troponin normal 0,01 2016

  • HD-B (Norway)

  • Neck, spine & knees X-rayed normal

As the A litter have progressed, I see many positive things in them and so puppies are planned in 2020.
I have had a fair few males on my mind always searching for that combination of good health and mentality.

The male I have finally landed on, is one I have always kept coming back too in my search. He is also recently heart tested and clear, he is now passed 7 years of age and I think this combination will give me that balance I am looking for - drive for work but with that all important OFF button, and the ability to cope with everyday life and hazzle.

If this is to come to fruitation, I might also be in search for a top notch home for a female on breeding contract. Having kept two puppies myself from the A litter (not the plan...haha), I have my hands full with training and rearing in general. Even I am not crazy enough to have an adult, two youngsters and then add another pup to the mix when being alone!

So if you think you will be the right home for one of my furbabies, you are welcome to send an email and come visit us! There is already a waiting list for this litter.

Veronica & The Gang

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